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About us: 

The SWW provides residential accommodation and employment in sheltered workshops for adults with multiple disabilities, who are blind or visually impaired. As a special facility our premises are largely designed for the low vision principle to create the greatest possible independence.


- Residential accommodation in groups of up to eight residents Training for independent living (apartment) Housing groups outside the institution
- Workshop Manufacture o Archiving Scanning documents, placing keywords, saving documents
o Data and Paper Shredding Sorting paper, shredding CDs / DVDs / HDs, pressing of bales
o K-lumet producing K-Lumet Material (wooden sticks), lock sticks in a role, dip in wax, package
o Pottery forming clay, pottery, glaze o Packaging counting, filling in, packing, enveloping, pasting, etc.
o weaving weaving rugs and cushions
o Arts and Culture Wooden figures (Sawing wooden sculptures, polishing  and painting) Theatre and music group
o Training Training of professional skills
- Development center for special needs / assisted working group
- Concomitant services and therapy Special psychological services, mobility and orientation, practical life skills, workshop sports, choir, Braille, computer courses

We are very interested in contacts to exchange the experience in the care of MDVI adults.