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St. Barnabas School For the Blind

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About us: 

"The St Barnabas School for the Blind" is a multi-dynamic centre providing a wide range of services that include:


- Support services for students with visual impairment attending mainstream educational settings

- Support services for VI students who attend Higher Education Institutions in Cyprus and abroad

- School for Parents

- Training programmes for adults that are divided into two different sections:
Programmes for pre-vocational and vocational training for future employment
Programmes aiming at the enhancement of students' creativity, skills and self-development.

The training programmes for adults as well as the special individual programmes focus on the following subjects: Orientation and Mobility, Daily Living Skills, Braille (Greek, English), Music, Music Braille, Art, Pottery, Wickerwork, Handicrafts, Dance, Cooking, Knitting, Mosaic, Computer Technology, Accessible software and other electronic and technical means and aids for VI persons, Family Education, Health Education, General Knowledge, Self-Development, Self-Empowerment and Advancement, Development of Creativity and Drama Workshop.

- Tuition afternoon programmes for students who attend mainstream schools which include nearly all of the above subjects and additionally training for the acquisition of studying skills as well as activities for the development of social skills
- A Telephony Department (the only one provided by the State)
Services for training in the use of electronic technologies
Tape-recording and Transcription services
An early intervention programme for children with VI and their families
A unit for children with multiple disabilities including visual impairment
Programme of Education for people with Deafblindness
Support services for employed persons with VI
Psychological support and counselling provided individually or in groups
Social services
Co-operation with other institutions and/or organizations (e.g. The House of Parliament, the Court, the Department of Antiquities, Clinics and Hospitals, Pharmaceutical industries, etc) regarding the accessibility of persons with VI in buildings and areas (assessment, recommendations and assistance provided for their implementation) and the transcription of written texts into Braille or enlarged printing as well as the production of embossed graphics that enable VI persons' accessibility to information."