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About us: 

Centre for Education and rehabilitation «Vinko Bek», Zagreb:
more than a century of education and rehabilitation for people with visual impairment 

Mission:To develop our clients' abilities to the extent that enables them to have a quality life.
Vision:To carry out our mission throughout Croatia.

Centre Vinko Bek's policy is centred around the welfare of our clients  in the broadest sense.

- psychosocial rehabilitation,
- upbringing and
- education,

as well as all other services we offer  are focused on developing of

- self confidence,
- skills and
- knowledge,

which enable

- children,
- young people and
- adults  with visual impairment



- fit into their environment
- get a job and
- have a quality life.


In order to reach that goal, we

- recognize and accept individual neeeds of our clients
- educate professionals  on how to efficiently implement contemporary working methods
- introduce new contents into the Centre’s operational programme
- use cutting-edge technology for the blind and adapted learning materials in work with our clients
- provide professional support to the families of our clients
- educate kindergarten teachers, primary and secondary school teachers and other professionals
in  regular schools ,  as well as other people involved in working with our clients  eliminate prejudice and raise public awareness of  the achievements of people with visual impairment 
- cooperate with

   - the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth
   - the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport
   - other ministries
   - social welfare centres in local communities
   - related government institutions and institutions of civil society
   - employers.


Centre Vinko Bek provides the following services:

- clients' needs assessment
- creating individual programmes
- psychosocial rehabilitation:
- sensory-motor excercises, orientation and mobility, Braille, training in new technologies for the - blind, visual training, social skills, daily living skills
- kinesiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, art therapy, work therapy leisure time ctivities:
- music, literary circles, drama, art, sports activities
- professional support provided by educational rehabilitators, psychologists and social workers to clients and their families,  child care officers, teachers and associates in regular educational institutions


The Centre is an approved practicum site for students of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and other faculties.