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Project title Subtitle Start and
end date
Aim of the project Coordinating organization Funding frame
Copenhagen Game and Play Camp 2012/2013 Game and play camp 2012/05/02 
to 2013/06/28
International youth camp for 16 young persons interested in music or games, who are blind and partially sighted DK: Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted Other
EIVIWAC   2010/08/01 
to 2012/07/30
This project aims to improve the employment opportunities for blind women, by promoting a new occupation in the field of health care. This occupation, called "Clinical Breast Examiner" (CBE) was successfully developed and implemented in Germany under the brand name "discovering hands". DE: BFW Düren Other
European Practice for the Blind E.P.B 2000/10/02 
to 2003/11/09
Exchange of experience of blind and VI trainees DE: BFW Halle Other
eVision55plus eVision55plus 2008/01/01
 to 2009/12/01
Support of elderly blind or vision impaired people by eLearning DE: BFW Halle EU: GRUNDTVIG Multilateral projects
iExpress   2016/10/01 
to 2018/01/31
iExpress myself aims on the exchange of already existing knowledge and development of new innovations in Europe in using assistive devices for Multi Disabled Visually Impaired persons (MDVI). Persons with MDVI are facing major challenges in expressing themselves, in communication and learning. NL: Royal Dutch Visio Other
to 2013/09/30
The overall aim of the project is that, through transnational collaboration, the participants will explore and identify issues for the training of professionals to develop methodologies addressing lifelong learning and work related issues in the development of people with multiple disabilities an IS: The Icelandic National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired, and Deafblind Other
KnowProVip   2007/05/01 
to 2009/05/01
Developing manuals for and testing 2 day courses for sight professionals on the topics: Elderly vips; Immigrants and refugees vip and Acquired deaf blindness DK: Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted EU: LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of Innovation
Oral Language Developement for Inclusion (de 0 à 6 ans)   2008/06/01 
to 2010/05/31
These mobilities aim at developing the skills of the professionals, at completing their initial training and at valuing their acquired experiences. FR: Centre Charlotte Blouin Angers Other
Orientation and Mobility for Firefighters   2011/11/02 
to 2011/11/06
On this special training, the O&M instructors teach firefighters a more subtle use of senses and the instructors show that it is not only vision that can help orientation. HU: School for the Blind, Budapest EU: GRUNDTVIG Multilateral projects
to 2005/09/01
Exchange of experience of blind and VI trainees DE: BFW Halle Other
ProDeafToolkit   2010/11/01 
to 2012/10/31
The objective of ProDeafToolKit is therefore to develop awareness training in hearing impairment, bringing together core elements of knowledge and understanding of hearing impairment, of fundamental problems and their consequences encountered by deaf people, and of the means put in place in order FR: Centre Charlotte Blouin Angers Other
RAINBOW / UMBRELLA   1998/01/01 
to 2000/06/01
New Concepts for Professional Trainings of the VI DE: BFW Halle Other
STEP-IVI   2012/10/01 
to 2014/09/30
The main aim of this project is to develope a unique blended-learning course for trainer and teacher in vocational training for people with visual impairment. Purpose of this approx. DE: BFW Düren EU: LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of Innovation
XPressYourVision XPressYourVision 2010/01/01 
to 2011/12/31
self-empowerment of people being blind or VI, eLearning, forming softskill
DE: BFW Halle EU: GRUNDTVIG Multilateral projects